Celebrate Ginuary at The Golden Ball

Gin-mania has boomed in recent months. And we’re no different here at The Golden Ball. We love a crisp G&T just as much as the next guy, but do you know where Britain’s love for all things gin actually comes from?

Back in 1688, a Dutch Monarch came to London on a mission to crush the French economy. At the time, we were importing huge amounts of wine and brandy from France, giving the French economy a huge boost. This guy began to impose heavy taxes on wine and brandy and made it really easy to distil spirits from home-grown grain, kick-starting the British economy.

The first Gin distilled was extremely bad quality, and people in the slums of London became addicted to it. In time (and after several tweaks to the distilling process) Gin became a much more reputable spirit. It was no longer a rough spirit, and instead was flavoured with coriander seeds, cassia and angelica. This became known as London Dry Gin, a label which is often still used today.

Photo Credit: Sipsmith website

Photo Credit: Sipsmith website

Top Three Surprising Facts About Gin

1. London’s most popular drink in the winter of 1823 was the Hot Gin Twist. One man wrote a 149-line poem for the newspapers extolling its virtues. Another wrote a shorter poem extolling both the drink and the previous poem.

2. Gin and tomato juice was all the rage as a hangover cure in New York City in 1928, years before the vodka-based Bloody Mary made its debut at the King Cole Room in the St. Regis Hotel.

3. The best way to taste gins for comparison is at room temperature, diluted with an equal measure of water. This reveals both qualities and flaws.

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Photo credit: Sipsmith website

Photo credit: Sipsmith website

How to Enjoy Gin this Ginuary: Winter Cocktail Recipe

Sipping a Gin cocktail can be enjoyed all year round. You may associate the humble spirit with a dash of cucumber and lemon – something you might nurse on a hot Summer’s afternoon. But the clear, delicate spirit is surprisingly versatile. Here’s how you can enjoy Gin all season long – even on dark Winter’s nights.


· 45ml Brockmans Gin
· 25ml lemon juice
· 10ml Balsamic vinegar
· 10ml Ruby Port
· 10ml Berry liqueur


Fill a highball glass with crushed ice, break thyme and churn in the glass then pour in all the ingredients. Give the glass a good stir.

Garnish: with thyme and a dehydrated slice of lemon.

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Photo credit: Brockmans website

Photo credit: Brockmans website

Ginuary at The Golden Ball

Fancy somewhere warm and welcoming to enjoy your Gin cocktail? All this month at The Golden Ball, we’re offering 2 for £10 on all gin and tonics. We have a wide range of Gins to choose from, so there’s sure to be something to suit your palate. Our house Gins include Hendricks, Brockmans, Bombay Sapphire, Gordons and Warner Edwards – plus, enjoy guest Gins from Tanquery 10 and Sipsmiths.

Fancy something warm to indulge in? For Ginuary only, we’re mixing up hot Gin! We team smooth Brockmans with our home made mulled apple juice, also available on 2 for £10. Take a look at the video here.

Ready to take on Ginuary? Join us at The Golden Ball all this month, and banish the January blues!