The Golden Ball Goes Live!

The Golden Ball Goes Live!

July saw the return of Longton Live – an annual music festival on the streets of Longton – hosted by the pubs, stores and churches across the village. This was our second year taking part in the event, and inspired by the hottest summer we’ve had in decades, The Golden Ball opted for a sizzling beach theme.

Local acts steal the show at Longton Live

As tradition dictates, our stages were graced by the best in local talent; including lively duo Ryan and Craig, popular bands ‘Sugastone’, ‘Electric Cheese’, ‘Chique Acoustic’ and ‘Reborn Generation’, alongside vocalists Marc Gallagher, Millie-Mae Hill and Lindsay Marie. Punters were also treated to delicious homemade ice cream, courtesy of The Cow’s Shed, and quenched their thirst with crisp prosecco and fruity gin cocktails.

Music and dancing continued until late on both days of the event, with revellers moving from the sun-drenched terrace to the bustling atmosphere indoors as the sun went down. The festival continued across Friday 13th and Saturday 14th July, with each venue hosting four acts on each date.

Exclusive, ticket only admission

Wristband entry is part of what makes Longton Live so successful. Each act volunteers to take part and villagers are then invited to purchase a wristband to ensure exclusive entry to each venue. Part of the cash raised is given to the acts as a thank you, while the rest goes into funding the entertainment package for the whole village.

Guests are given a festival-wide schedule well in advance, so they can plan their trip accordingly and be sure to see their favourite local artists. Once the event kicks off, it’s simply a case of wandering through the village – from churches, to bars and hardware stores – sampling the delightful entertainment, great food and drink, and soaking in the festival atmosphere.

Or you might prefer to get settled at your favourite haunt, like The Golden Ball, and watch each exciting new artist take the stage, without moving from your seat. Take a look at our video above to catch all the antics from Longton Live, and don’t forget to pop the dates in your diary for next year!